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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Closure of Mosques in Austria May Lead to ‘War Between Cross & Crescent’ – Erdogan

Islamization backlash in Austria causes backlash in Turkey

FILE PHOTO © Eddie Keogh / Reuters

Austria’s move to close mosques and expel “foreign-funded” imams has infuriated Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, warning of a war “between cross and crescent” and threatening that Ankara will not sit idle.

“These measures taken by the Austrian prime minister are, I fear, leading the world towards a war between the cross and the crescent," Erdogan said in a speech in Istanbul on Sunday. Crescent, which can be seen on mosques and other Muslim entities, symbolizes Islamic religion since time immemorial.

"They say they're going to kick our religious men out of Austria. Do you think we will not react if you do such a thing?” he asked, quoted by AFP. “That means we're going to have to do something,” Erdogan added without elaborating.

Earlier this week, Austrian Interior Minister Herbert Kickl from the right-wing FPO party announced that the country vows to close seven mosques and potentially expel dozens of Turkish-funded imams and their families in Austria’s crackdown on “political Islam.”

Austrian officials, including Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, claimed the move was to battle radicalization and growing ‘parallel societies’. However, this explanation did not sit well with Ankara. “Austria’s decision to close seven mosques and expel imams is a reflection of the Islamophobic, racist and discriminatory wave in this country,” Ibrahim Kalin, the spokesman of Tayyip Erdogan, commented on Twitter.

According to him, Vienna wants to “to target Muslim communities for the sake of scoring cheap political points.” Ankara had also called the decision “racist.”

Islam is not a race, of course, but the majority of imams labelled for expulsion are Turkish.

Sultan Erdogan knows that Islam has been at war with Christianity for 1400 years. They are at war with Christians in many countries even today, and in those Islamic countries where they are not at war, Christianity has already been eradicated. This is the ultimate goal of Islam, to destroy Christians, Jews and other Muslims who are not in agreement with their particular brand of insanity. Then Sharia will rule the world and there will be peace; no freedom, but peace.

Erdogan and other Islamic leaders want to keep up the guise of peace as Islam slowly invades all western cultures with the mindless assistance of left-leaning governments and media. They are doing a spectacular job and with their high birth-rates and western women's very low birth-rates, they will be in the majority in some western European countries within a generation or two. Imagine France, Sweden and the Netherlands under Sharia. Then realize that it will happen everywhere if Islam is not stopped.

Previously, Austrian government moved to ban girls from wearing headscarves in kindergartens and primary schools. The move was part of the so-called “Child Protection Act”, presumably aimed at reinforcing Austrian culture and encouraging better assimilation.