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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Slovakia May Have Vote to Leave NATO

Could this be the beginning of the end for NATO?
It will not go down without a fight!

Adam Garrie, The Duran

A petition to force a referendum on the issue is gaining traction

An increasing number of Slovaks are opposed to the presence of NATO troops and bases in their country. A petition to withdraw Slovakia from NATO has all ready garnered 150,000 signatures. If a further 250,000 add their names to the petition, the issue of Slovakia withdrawing from NATO will go to an official referendum.

This would be an historic first as no country has democratically voted to leave NATO in the bloc’s history. The only country that has ever partly exited NATO was France when President Charles de Gaulle withdrew from the NATO Military Command Structure in 1966.

Patriotic Slovaks have grown increasingly tired of NATO’s bellicose presence in their country, a country that does not share much of the militant hysteria of its neighbours, including and especially Poland.

Many have also grown tired of NATO troops causing chaos in their country. Such individuals are increasingly seen as unwelcome visitors.

NATO’s recent surge of troops and heavy military equipment into central and eastern Europe is widely seen as a neo-imperial symbol of America’s continued domination of European geo-politics.

Many individuals in country’s like Slovakia are becoming increasingly vocal in their opposition to such moves.

NATO is desperately looking for a reason for its existence since the collapse of communism. The war in the Balkans was extremely convenient for a season but now they are frantically working on a new bogeyman - the old bogeyman, Russia. 

My fear is that when the rest of the world figures out that NATO is obsolete and, in fact, far more dangerous than Russia, another convenient war will break out, only this one may not be as containable.