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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Islam Evolves into More and More Radical Islam - Watch Indonesia

As I have been saying - 
Islam becomes more legalistic, more radical, more Sharia as time goes on. Indonesia, where more Muslims live than in any other country in the world, is a case in point. Recently, Muslims rail-roaded the Christian mayor of Jakarta right into prison on a trumped-up charge. This week, they are revealing a growing intolerance of gays. This increasingly Sharia-like attitude does not bode well for Christians or any other outliers to Muslim society.

Indonesia police arrest 141 men for 'gay sex party'
By Elizabeth Shim  

Indonesian police officers stand guard as men arrested in a raid are being shown to the media during a press conference at a police station in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Monday. Photo by Aji Putra/EPA
UPI -- More than 100 men were arrested in Indonesia following raids at a men's spa in Jakarta during what police have described as a "gay sex party."

A total of 141 men, including foreign nationals, were detained after the raid at Atlantis Gym and Sauna, a well-known gay entertainment venue, Coconuts Jakarta reported Monday.

Attendees included a British citizen and a Singaporean, the BBC reported.

Homosexuality is not banned in Jakarta, but the men were arrested on charges of violating the city's anti-pornography ordinance, according to reports.

The law on pornography bans live strip shows, and strippers were performing at the site, according to police.

"The first floor has a gym, the second floor had a striptease event with four strippers while people masturbated, and the third floor has a spa where homosexuals can bathe and carry out homosexual acts," said the head of North Jakarta Police's crime investigation unit.

The theme of the party on Sunday night was "The Wild One."

Indonesian officials said they confiscated posters, online invitations, condoms and surveillance camera footage from the event.

The raid comes after police in the city of Surabaya detained 14 people for a "gay party" in a hotel.

The detainees were forced to take HIV tests afterward, according to Coconuts.

Two men were also recently sentenced to public caning for having sex in Aceh province, where anti-gay laws do exist.

Two Indonesian men receive 83 lashings each
for gay sex

By Ed Adamczyk  

A mosque in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, prepares for a public caning of people convicted of violating Sharia law on April 18. On Tuesday, two men wire caned 83 times each for gay sex, the first time gay men have been caned under Sharia law in the province. Photo by Hotli Simunjuntak/EPA

UPI -- Two men received 83 canings each on Tuesday in punishment after vigilantes in Aceh province, Indonesia, caught them engaged in gay sex.

They stood on a stage in front of a mosque in Banda Aceh as several hundred onlookers watched hooded men lash their backs with rattan canes. Their sentence of 85 canings was reduced to 83 because each had spent two months in jail.

While gay sex is not illegal in most of Indonesia, Aceh province adopted ultra-conservative Muslim Sharia law a decade ago. Strict laws against homosexual behavior have been enforced since 2014.

Islam, like sin, is progressive!

The two unidentified men, 20 and 23, were found in bed together in March, when vigilantes burst into their apartment. A Sharia court convicted them of sodomy on May 17. While canings for sex prior to marriage, gambling and alcohol consumption have recently occurred in the province, it is the first time gay men have been caned in Aceh province under Sharia law.

Earlier this month, 14 people were arrested by Indonesian police in Surabaya at an alleged gay party. They could face similar sentences, the BBC reported. On Monday, 141 men were arrested on similar charges for what police described as a gay party in a sauna in Jakarta, the capital; most were released on Tuesday.

The activist group Human Rights Watch had called on Indonesian President Joko Widodo, who has spoken out in favor of LGBT rights, to cancel the Aceh province punishment.

Banda Aceh, Indonesia