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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Palestinian: "We Fled in 1948; They Didn't Expel Us"

MUST WATCH: 1948 Palestinian: “We Fled..They Didn’t Expel Us”
By Aussie Dave

It is one of the claims of the Israel haters: Israel expelled the Palestinians living here in 1948.

As renowned Israeli historian Benny Morris has noted, while there were expulsions (as can happen during wartime with a hostile population), many of the 700,000 Arab refugees were ordered or advised by their fellow Arabs to abandon their homes. There were also those who fled in fear.

Now Israel Social TV have come out with an anti-Israel video about “Palestinian refugees” planning their return.

They are young Palestinian men and women, citizens of Israel. They have been meeting for three years, imagining and planning their return to their destroyed villages. Project “Udna” or “Return” in English, aims to pass on to the younger generation awareness of the Nakba and create actual models of return. Descendants of the displaced from al-Lajjun made a film about the expulsion from the village in ’48.

Do not bother watching it. Our own Zion Mike has isolated the only part you need to watch.

An admission by the elderly man that they fled in fear due to the “real war” going on, and his insistence about this despite the interviewer (his grandson) trying to get him to say they were expelled.