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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Why Islam is so Evil - One Weird Theory

Previously posted as: Why Islam is so Violent and Murderous

As the horrors of Paris sink in to a shocked and dismayed world, it behooves some people to think such evil is possible in the 21st century. Yet, the violence in Europe is increasing in tempo, in intensity, and in extent, and there is no reason to believe that it will not continue to get worse. Why is it happening? I believe I have put it into context below. Beware, this is not politically correct!

Grief pours out for the 129+ murdered by Muslims
Satan has been attempting to, and often succeeding in destroying anything that is godly. He’s done a pretty effective job having seduced Adam and Eve into sinning resulting in every human being ever born to be born with a sin nature; every human except Jesus.

Consequently, Satan had the world under his control, except for one small band of people – the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They were under God’s protection, they had the privilege of being able to sacrifice a lamb once a year to cover their sins for that year, and they had the Law.

Mosaic  law

The Mosaic Law made it obvious, even to the worst sinners, what was good and what was not. By so doing, it revealed Satan at every turn and completely stifled him and his plans. Nevertheless, he had a plan to turn the Law up-side-down; to turn what is good to evil and what is evil to good. But God completely crossed (no pun intended) him up by sending His Son, Jesus, to be the perfect and final sacrifice for sin. Because of Jesus, anyone, Jew, Greek, American, etc., could have their sins forgiven and their sin nature rendered impotent by Grace.


Satan has no answer for grace. He cannot overcome it. He can try and confuse people, lie to them, tempt them, but he has no real power over them. Consequently, Satan spent the next 600 years following the Cross in developing a new plan. All his hopes and ambitions had been predicated on the Law, so he found a way to reintroduce the Law to many of the peoples of the earth. 

His plan was implemented by his messenger, Mohammed.

Mohammed put the Arab world back under law. No grace in Islam, it is all legalism. The essential difference between grace and law is that grace works in the heart and will of man by the very presence of the Giver of grace, Jesus Christ. Satan cannot touch that.

The law works externally forcing people to try and do what they are completely incapable of doing – being righteous. Only the righteousness of Jesus Christ can save us from judgment; we are completely incapable of living a righteous life because of our sin nature – regardless of how weak it may be for some.

But in reestablishing the law, Satan was once again able to regain some considerable power over those who give themselves over to it. Not only that, but Satan was able to implement his plan to turn the law up-side-down right from its genesis; good became evil, and evil became good. Following the Jewish God, believing in His Son, became evil in Mohammed’s law and it became a virtue to murder such people and cleanse the earth of their ‘unrighteousness’. 

Not only did murder become a virtue, but slavery, rape and child rape were all touted as being good for both the victim and the perpetrator. But then, Mohammed, in his 50s, took his 9 year old wife off the playground to consummate their marriage. It was he who declared it lawful for a man to consummate a marriage as soon as a girl was capable of withstanding the assault. Such judgment was left up to the individual pedophile. And it was Mohammed who stated that it was lawful for a man to do whatever he wanted to a non-Muslim woman or girl in his power. ‘In his power’ means anyone he can grab and rape, anytime, anywhere. This definition is still practiced all over Europe today.

This is Islam! Evil from its core! Evil from its roots! Flat-out evil!

Islam has a certain appeal to people, but, amazingly, the more violent the version of Islam, the more appealing it is. The idea that a martyr, ie., suicide bomber (murderer of innocent women and children) should be rewarded by going straight to paradise where 72 virgins await him, is so moronic that it is amazing anyone actually falls for it, but many do. That’s part of the law, I guess, where ‘Allah’ appeals to the flesh rather than the spirit of man; God never appeals to the basest part of man. That a man should go to Heaven so he can have endless sex is utterly ludicrous. All those so-called 'martyrs' of Islam are burning in Hell right now and forever.

The God of Abraham

Muslims, Jews and Christians all claim Abraham as the father of their religion. Is this correct? The story of Abraham being tested in sacrificing his only son was written in the Old Testament several thousand years ago. Isaac was the son of Abraham through whom all Jews and Christians have their roots. This was also confirmed in the genealogy in the New Testament nearly 2000 years ago. 

Not Muslims! They decided about 1300 years ago that it was Ishmael who was the legitimate son of Abraham and it was he whom Abraham nearly sacrificed. The Old Testament makes it clear that Ishmael was born of ’the flesh’, of unbelief, to Sarah’s servant, therefore illegitimate. In fact, God told Abraham to take his ‘only’ son to be sacrificed - God, himself did not recognize Ishmael as legitimate. This is the lie at the very core of Islam.

One more problem, actually there are myriad problems with Islam, is that they believe that Allah is alone without a Son, without a Holy Spirit. Since the New Testament is all about Jesus Christ, and a good portion of the Old Testament points directly to Jesus Christ, a one-person God, rather than a triune God is also a departure from the truth. 

Allah is not the God of Abraham! 
Allah is Satan! 
And Mohammed is his messenger!