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Monday, November 23, 2015

Pulmonary Hypertension - Fatal, Incurable - HELP

November is Pulmonary Hypertension month
PH is incurable and fatal. PH'ers are desperate for a cure. 
You can help.

Tara Suplicki:

Day 22 We are in the fight for our lives here...

Every Breath that we take is harder than the last if we are doing anything such as physical, and for some of us it can be just as little as talking that takes our breath away. 

Yes medicine can make us stable for a while or even help us improve slightly...but it will never cure us... 

Even a lung transplant is not a cure for us. It is just a band-aid to hopefully give us more time with our family and friends. 

Help us find a cure!! 

Help us get our bills through Congress!! 

Help us get our Disease known by more people!! 

I want to see the World Periwinkle next November!!


This young woman, as beautiful inside as outside, is one of many amazing, young women who have left husband and children behind because there is no cure. Shawna left us 2 years ago, making the world a poorer place for her departure, but enriching Heaven with her arrival. I wish we could have known you longer.

PH also effects men and children; children like 

Please pray! Pray for a cure; pray for those suffering, trying to breath; pray about what you might do to help. But just pray!