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Friday, September 4, 2015

Surprise - Migrants are Mostly Young Men, Not Families

An eye opener

Journalist Claus Cancel from the Danish radio station Radio 24syv, has been in Macedonia and Serbia to follow the flow of migrants to Europe. On the journey, he met the 23-year-old sociology student Philip Rasmussen, who speaks Arabic. Accompanied by Arabic-speaking Philip, it opened many doors to Claus. They succeeded, among other things, to get on one of the many buses that drive migrants through the Baltic States.

The journey was a bit of an eye opener for Claus Cancel. He tells Radio 24syv that what the mainstream media has shown from the mass migration towards Europe, is not a complete picture. We see especially pictures of families with children. But it's not families with children who constitute the majority of of the migrants, he says. The majority consists of young men, almost only young men.

Some of the first things Claus Cancel experienced were those who make money on the migrant flow. He tells of peasants and gypsies selling over-priced cigarettes and water to the migrants.

On the Macedonian side of the border he saw many drivers who waited in their yellow cabs. And after those held buses. And after them there was the train. He says that they hardly met any other than those making huge sums of money on the mass migration.

- We have not met any other. Beside the farmers and the gypsies, we saw about 20 yellow Macedonian taxis. The drivers are waiting for the next group of refugees to be guided through, and they earn good money. They are the ones who take the rich migrants, it costs a minimum of 100 euro for a ride through Macedonia in a yellow taxi. Next are all the bus drivers. Seems everyone who own a bus in Macedonia, have come down to the border area. So perhaps 30 to 40 buses were waiting, and they also do good business. The price is 20 euro to be driven through Macedonia. And then there's the train which is a little cheaper.

- One has to ask, who is it that has an interest in stopping the refugees here? In Turkey we hear about those selling life jackets and inflatable boats. There are plenty of people in Turkey who have no interest of stopping this. It's also there the big bosses are. Those who sell tickets to rubber boats for $1,300 a piece.

- We came with one of those buses, dedicated to the migrants, and we sat in the bus for many hours. At one time a riot erupted in the bus because it drove on some gravel roads. There was one who shouted that they would kill us all.

Then I panicked because we sat in the bus driving north, in a bus full of young men. There were maybe six women. And behind us there were maybe 20 buses, and in front of us there were 20 buses. When we drove into the parking lots, the buses unloaded all these young men, who were going out to buy sandwiches. Right now we are in Serbia and the buses go back empty. I panicked, I have to admit that I thought, they are just too many.

- When we see pictures of the refugees in the media, the TV only shows pictures of the ones with children, as they are the only ones that will be filmed. Every time the media is trying to take pictures of the young men, they turn their heads away. 

The media likes to film children and old women, they garner much more emotion than young men. That's what today's news media is about isn't it, provoking emotion?

The mass immigration that we believe are families with children, it is not. Mass immigration consist of young men, it is what it is. Do you agree Philip?

Philip: Yes, it is mainly young men.

It is interesting that in January or February, ISIS threatened to send half a million warriors into Europe. Is it possible they are behind this, or some of this? Is Europe about to invite tens or hundreds of thousands of terrorists into its midst? It's a bit far-fetched, but...

All the migrants come from countries that are suffering from insurgency by militant Muslim groups. I'm talking Afghanistan, Pakistan, north Africa, central Africa, and, of course, Syria and Iraq. What was the catalyst that started this sudden, spectacular migration?