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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Is ISIS Star Doctor a Creep and a Drunk?

by Daniel Greenfield
Recently ISIS announced its version of ObamaCare fronted by this guy, an Australian trained Muslim doctor who hadn’t figured out how to shave or grow a beard.

Colleagues remember him as a creepy drunken pervert, which is exactly the kind of guy you expect to end up as the face of socialized medicine in the Caliphate.

Tareq Kamleh, who referred to himself as Abu Yusuf in a stylised IS propaganda video, said he was a doctor who had travelled to the Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa from Australia to offer his medical services as part of his “jihad for Islam”.

His Jihad in Australia though was 100 proof sexual harassment.

The former Adelaide University medical student was previously referred to as a “womaniser” and a drinker…

His Facebook site shows photos of him surfing and hunting but does not list his crude party trick — sneaking up behind seated women and placing his exposed penis on their shoulder.

Let's hope that is not indicative of his bedside manner, especially since he is a pediatrician.

“He was pretty drunk at the time, but when I rang him the next day to tell him the woman was quite upset he thought it was just one big joke,” a former colleague who was at the function recalls.

Another colleague — who declined to be named — said Kamleh claimed to have had sex with a Mannum District Hospital patient — a former sex worker — after first checking her medical records from Royal Adelaide Hospital.

The former colleague said Kamleh operated a second Facebook page under the name “Adam Kamlah” to pursue women while hiding his indiscretions from girlfriends. The page has since been deleted.

The colleague said Kamleh admitted to being forced out of a shared house following “improper conducts” towards a female housemate.

I am disappointed at the lack of drug dealing, since that seems standard for Jihadists, but the rest is exactly the sort of person who would be attracted to a totalitarian state in which bandits have absolute power and can buy women at slave markets.

But all this is fairly typical of how “devout” Muslims behave in the West and it’s not even at the extreme end, which includes rape and sex grooming of young girls. None of this contradicts Islam which allows Muslim men to abuse women as long as they’re not married to another Muslim man.

Michael Gannon, president of the WA branch of the Australian Medical Association, told the West Australian on Monday that he was “appalled” that an Australian doctor would join Islamic State, saying: “It’s mind-boggling that the death cult could hold appeal for an educated man.

The Muslim Brotherhood and assorted terror groups are fronted by educated men, mostly doctors and engineers. (They don’t need jobs.)

There are a lot of pediatricians like Kamleh that go into terrorism for some reason. 

I can think of a reason or two, can you?

According to the Adelaide Advertiser, Kamleh stocked up on outdoor gear in a Perth shop in December and told the store owner he was going to join Doctors without Borders.

Doctors without Borders and ISIS are pretty close.

He grew up in Perth with a Palestinian father and a German mother who converted to Islam and became “ultra-religious”, a former associate said.

Just more cultural enrichment. How much more of it can we afford?

But the money question is, was Kamleh able to get away with so much that would have gotten another doctor “sacked” because he was Muslim and no one wanted to appear Islamophobic?

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