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Sunday, April 26, 2015

400 Muslims Try to Join Islamic State from Australia Every Day


Australian police
400 Muslims a day are trying to join the Islamic State from Australia alone. One might almost get the impression that the Islamic State is…Islamic.

Also, is it really wise for Australian police to stop them? Why not let them go and not come back? After all, trying to join the Islamic State is tantamount to declaring war against Australia, since the Islamic State has vowed war against and conquest of the non-Muslim world. And what if these Muslims who are prevented from joining the Islamic State decide to wage jihad right there at home?

“Australian counter-terror police ‘stopping 400 per day,'” 


Australian police are stopping hundreds of people every day at airports in an attempt to prevent would-be jihadists leaving the country.

A new counter-terror unit conducted nearly 76,000 “real-time” stops – more than 400 per day – at eight airports between August and February.

The screenings are not random. Counter-terror police are targeting potentially suspicious travellers.

Around 90 Australians are believed to be fighting in the Middle East.

The Border Force Counter-Terrorism Unit (CTU) is a new unit designed to tackle extremists attempting to leave the country and join terror groups such as Islamic State (IS).

A spokesman for Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said the CTU teams had “successfully intercepted a number of people of national security concern” since August,

‘Severe stress’

According to Fairfax Media, CTU teams in Sydney and Melbourne intercepted at least 11 terror suspects in their first three weeks of operation, as well as seizing extremist material.

The Customs and Border Protection Service said the teams had also found evidence of attempted movement of large sums of money.

The tactic has led to accusations of racial profiling from Australia’s Muslim community, including the country’s most senior Islamic cleric, Ibrahim Abu Mohammad, who said in September that the policy had caused “severe stress and unwanted inconvenience”.

It seems to me that only those involved in 'jihad' would suffer from 'severe stress'.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, Social Services Minister Scott Morrison declined to say whether the CTU was using racial profiling to decide who was pulled aside at airports to be questioned or searched.

Mr Morrison, who was Immigration Minister when the CTU was established, said the unit was doing “outstanding work”.

The government has earmarked A$150m (£78m; $114m) of the total $630m counter-terror fund to establish CTU teams at eight airports across the country.

The teams operate at Australia’s eight international airports: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Cairns, Gold Coast, Adelaide and Darwin.

Earlier in the month, CTU officers at Sydney airport intercepted two brothers suspected of attempting to join Islamic State (IS).

The boys, aged 16 and 17, raised suspicions as they attempted to pass through customs and were detained.

They were later released without charge into the custody of their parents.

So, now what happens to those boys and all the other would-be jihadists prevented from leaving the country? Like Robert, my first inclination is to say, 'let them go, but don't let them back into the country'. However, many of those attempting to go are just naive children with no real idea what they would be getting into. 

They need to be educated on what IS is doing - the genocides, the raping and selling of women and girls, the destruction of churches, mosques, statues, and historical buildings, etc. 

They need to know what life will be like there in reality. 

They need to know that there is no 'love' in radical Islam, women are there to be used for the purpose and pleasure of men; their pleasure is completely irrelevant. 

They need to know that their female children are likely to suffer female circumcision, ensuring that they never know pleasure from sex.

They need to know that the religion they find so appealing is completely false. That it was the spawn of a pedophilic monster. 

They need to know that Islam puts you back under 'the Law', as were the Hebrews in the 'Old Testament', only much worse law - Sharia law.

They need to know that Jesus Christ lived and died and rose again to set us free from the law which produces only sin and death. That 'grace' is a million times better than the law.

 They need to know that everything they are being told on the internet about Islam and IS is a lie.

Then, if they still want to go, let them go, knowing they cannot come back!