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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Muslim Immigrant Hacks 2 Men to Death With Axe in Finland

Cultural enrichment comes to Finland: 

A Somali immigrant man with an axe on Wednesday evening attacked and hacked two men to death at a pub in Tuira area of Oulu, Finland, the police said.

The attacker rushed to the spot at about 6:00pm and chopped two people including an employee of the pub with an axe indiscriminately.

The police on late Wednesday night captured the man suspected of the killings.

The suspect was apparently nabbed at Myllyoja neighbourhood in Oulu, where a huge police operation was under way.

News agency STT had earlier reported that one of the victims of the axe killing was inside the pub while the other one was outside.

According to STT reporters, the area had been widely cordoned off, but there was movement of people still on a street nearby the pub.

The police confirmed that one of the victims was a male employee of the pub.

A shopkeeper at a nearby store told STT reporters that the shop was forced to remain closed for a while after a boy came to the shop and informed what had happened in the pub.

The store, was however, opened again when security people arrived at the place.

Despite the police warning and thick snowfall, there was still a gathering of stunned onlookers at the scene of the crime.

Oulu University
Police apprehended the suspect in two murders committed on Wednesday evening in Oulu. Police say they shot the man during the operation. The police officer was wearing a helmet, so he got away with slight injuries.

Oulu, Finland