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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Miss Turkey Faces Prison for Anti-Erdogan Instagram Post

Merve Buyuksarac with the egomaniac Erdogan in the background
Former Miss Turkey is facing 4.5 years in prison for making an Instagram video in which she expressed displeasure with President Erdogan, reciting a poem from a satirical weekly.

Miss Turkey of 2006, Merve Buyuksarac, is facing up to 4.5 years in prison for an Instagram post that Turkish prosecutors deemed offensive to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

"If you google the poem I shared (the one that does not include any insult), you will see 960,000 more people shared it… it's interesting, isn't it?" Buyuksarac wrote on her Twitter in response to the charges.

Buyuksarac deleted the post, in which she recites a poem critical of Erdogan, which was made in November 2014, after her friends warned her that such acts could land her in prison.

The poem, previously published in a Turkish satirical magazine, criticizes Erdogan using verses from Turkey's national anthem.

The Last Caliph of
The Turkish president himself was jailed for four months in the late 1990s, while mayor of Istanbul, for reciting an Islamist poem in the Turkish courts deemed to incite religious hatred.

I should hope that if Miss Buyuksarac is jailed for this absurd offence, that the EU will pull the plug on any  possibility of Turkey joining the EU. Erdogan the autocrat wants complete control and is patiently developing it. Attaturk's goal of separation of church and state is now dead and buried. 

Don't be surprised if Turkey is declared a Caliphate within a few years, and Erdogan a Caliph. That, I believe, is how highly he thinks of himself.