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Sunday, October 5, 2014

IS (Daesh) Document Discloses Plans to Seize Iran’s Nuclear Secrets

The militant group urges its members to plan for war with Iran according to a seized policy manifesto

The Gulf States refer to IS or ISIS as Daesh, an anagram. That's all we needed was another name.

Published: 16:50 October 5, 2014 Gulf News

London: The Daesh extremist militant group plans to seize Iran’s nuclear secrets, unleash a vicious campaign of ethnic cleansing and Nazi-style eugenics to consolidate and expand its self-declared caliphate, according to a seized policy manifesto of the outfit.

The group urged its members to plan for war with Iran and has ambitions to seize Tehran’s nuclear secrets in a manifesto believed to have been written by Abdullah Ahmad Al Meshedani, a member of the group’s highly secretive six-man war cabinet.
This is what will be happening in Kobane in the next few days.
While the picture above is disturbing, it is one of the least disturbing photos of this murderous group, but it is as far into the darkness as I am willing to take you. The world hasn't seen this kind of brutality and cold-blooded mass-murder since Pol Pot or the Nazi's. Their ultimate goal is to eliminate everyone in the world who will not accept and follow their demonic interpretation of the Quran.

The document, typed on perforated sheets, was seized by Iraqi special forces during a raid in March on the home of one of the commanders of Daesh, The Sunday Times reported on Sunday.

In the document, which has been examined by Western security officials who believe it to be authentic, Al Meshedani wrote that Daesh aims to get hold of nuclear weapons with the help of Russia, to whom it would offer access to gas fields it controls in Iraq’s Anbar province.

Also, the documents said, the Kremlin will have to give up “Iran and its nuclear programme and hands over its secrets.” Russia would also have to abandon support for Syrian President Bashar Al Assad and back the Gulf states against Iran.

Believed to be a policy manifesto prepared for senior members of Daesh, the document offers a unique insight into the ambitions of the Islamist commanders who have shocked the world with their fanaticism and brutality, the paper said.

The Daesh militants have captured swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria and their leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi has declared himself the Caliph of the “Islamic State”.
Al Baghdadi, before and after declaring himself Caliph
The document contains 70 different plans such as launching a vicious campaign of ethnic cleansing, Nazi-style eugenics and intelligence gathering operations to consolidate and expand the group’s self-declared Islamic caliphate, it said.

Al Meshedani, whose duties include managing suicide bombers, also calls for Shiite Iran to be stripped of “all its power” and for the destruction of the Shiite ascendancy in Iraq.

He also incites followers to kill Iraqi military chiefs, Shiite officials and Iranian-backed militias fighting for the Iraqi government, the paper said, citing the document.

A security source familiar with the document told the paper: “Nothing shocks Western governments these days in relation to [Daesh] and its fanatical aspirations."

“And we’ve known and feared for some time that they want to obtain chemical and nuclear weapons.”

In an indication of Daesh’ brutal ideology, Al Meshedani writes that its intelligence operatives will “eliminate” its own leaders if they deviate from its “desired goal”.

“The leadership of the political wing must know that it is being watched and listened to by the intelligence apparatuses which pass on everything,” he warns them. Sounds quite Stalinesque. Is Al Baghdadi as paranoid as Stalin was?

Al Meshedani also suggests buying islands from Yemen and the Comoros, in the Indian Ocean, “to establish a military base on the flank of the Arab lands”.
Bushehr Nuclear Plant, Iran

At first glance one would think that they have overly ambitious plans. However, they have been able accomplish some very ambitious feats. I seriously doubt that Russia would ever cooperate with IS. Their plan to globalize jihad would eventually threaten Moscow. Putin is smart enough to see that, although you never know what he is liable to do.

It's to IS advantage to take over Iran and its nuclear machinery. Stealing their secrets would still leave them decades from a nuclear bomb if starting from scratch. Iran is many times the size of 'the caliphate', so that would require huge numbers of militants flocking to IS. I doubt that there are enough insane zealots in Islam to accomplish that, at least, I'd like to think so.