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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Canada is Under Attack

Plagiarized from the blog of Raheel Raza, a Canadian Muslim

Raheel Raza makes some very good points that can be useful to all western countries dealing with an increasing Muslim population, which includes almost all western countries. I have a few problems with some of her recommendations, but I am generally in agreement. I think you will be too.

Canada is under attack. Since 9/11 and perhaps even before that, some of us Muslims have been insisting that Canada is not safe from terrorist attacks and that it’s just a matter of time. Yesterday we heard the shocking news that a Canadian soldier was run over in Quebec. Some people shrugged this off as the work of a mentally deranged person probably acting alone.

I was concerned that this response is too simplistic and reality is very different. Today another soldier was killed at the war memorial in Ottawa and our Canadian Parliament is under attack by one or more gunmen. Turned out to be just one.

Events will unfold and Canada may go back to doing business in its usually politically correct way. In the meantime 90 known unsavory characters who wish to harm Canada and are known to the RCMP are still around. What are we doing about this?

As a Muslim whose faith has been replaced by an evil ideology, I can’t stand by idly and watch these events evolve when they have already been forecast not just by me, but by many others like me who are concerned about the security and safety of this land we call home.

Today we have two clear options. We can either continue to believe in the handbook titled “Radicalization for Dummies” and act vague and politically correct on clear indications of where the problem originates from, or we can take immediate action as Canadians. Otherwise rest assured the rabid ideology behind acts of blatant terrorism will only grow. And when that happens, please don’t come looking for ‘moderate Muslims’ as we have been saying this since a decade and continue to stand on guard for Canada but is anyone listening?

Here is what Canada needs to do.

1. Close all mosques for three months to have intense scrutiny on the Imams and their sermons in the past 3 months. This is not abuse of religious freedom – it’s to ENSURE that religion can be free and survive in Canada while protecting the country. Imams and their sermons can be scrutinized without closing the mosques which would likely instantly radicalize a whole bunch of Muslims.

2. All Muslim organizations (including mine) should submit detailed financial statements to show where their donations are coming from. And where they are going to.

3. Put a moratorium on immigration from Muslim countries for a set period till matters here settle down. Anyone wishing to partake in armed Jihad abroad or proven to be returning from such a venture, needs to have their citizenship revoked and given a one-way ticket to the country of their choice as soon as possible. Revoking their citizenship would require removing their passport; what country is going to accept a known jihadist without even a passport?

4. Islamic schools need to have accountability and if their syllabus shows even an iota of hate, they should be shut down.

5. The Islamists calls for un-reasonable accommodation like face covering, special prayer spaces, Friday prayers in public schools should be taken with a pinch of salt and instead of just giving in to these demands, there should be a body of well-informed Canadians discussing and debating these issues in light of Canadian values and norms.

We know that the new enemy is an ideology and we have to defeat it in the way communism was defeated. Not by targeting the faith, but by targeting those who are using their faith to promote subversive agendas of violence and terrorism. This has to be done with active participation of government and citizens from all walks of life without resorting to hate and bigotry.

We need to expose, educate and eradicate.