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Friday, November 22, 2013

JFK - The Assassination Conspiracy

I confess I'm a conspiracy theorist. Though only 15, very naive, and non-political when I heard on the bus home from school that John Kennedy had been assassinated. Nevertheless, I felt a great evil had been perpetrated on the world, and it would never be the same again; the same reaction I had to 9-11.

That the most traumatic event in the world since Pearl Harbor, if not the most traumatic event of the century, could have been committed by a lunatic acting alone was just inconceivable. Conspiracy theories blame everyone from Castro to Khrushchev, from the Mob (Hoffa et al) to the FBI and/or CIA.

JFK's Assassination
But who had the greatest motive for killing the most powerful man in the world? Neither the Russians or the Cubans have a history of assassinating leaders of other countries, unlike the US. They do, like the US, have a history of murdering their own leaders.

But why would some Americans want to kill their own President? The reasons are too numerous to list, but the most obvious was stated clearly in the movie, JFK. Outgoing President Eisenhower warned the new President to beware of the power of the Military Industrial Establishment. I believe this warning was not just courtesy but prophetic.

What did the MIE have to gain from Kennedy's death? Kazillions of dollars. It wasn't bad enough that Kennedy was a Catholic and a liberal, but Kennedy got them fired up when he called off the invasion of Cuba after the Bay of Pigs disaster. 

Then when he signed an order to repatriate most of the troops in Viet Nam, that was the final straw. Within a week he was dead and the first order of business for the new President was to reverse the repatriation order and to send more troops to Viet Nam. Tens of thousands more troops.

That meant that the stockpile of weapons that had been collecting since the Korean war could finally start moving, along with new helicopters, bombers, fighter jets, all sorts of vehicles, bombs, napalm, etc., etc., etc. Kazillions of dollars! That it would cost an incredible number of American lives, well, that was just the cost of keeping the inventory moving.

JFK could not justify that. Neither could Martin Luther King or Bobby Kennedy, both of whom ended up being shot to death. Or was that a coincidence? 

The poster above reveals the attitude of the many southerners, almost certainly those who benefit from war and hate black people, Democrats and Catholics. Unfortunately, there are far too many of these in the south. Seeing this Wanted Poster makes me wonder how President Obama has survived?

Lee Harvey Oswald
Was it a coincidence that Oswald was shot and killed just two days after being arrested, and that he was arrested just 70 minutes after the assassination. He was a accused of murdering policeman J.D. Tippit, who found him just walking down the street - cause that's what assassins do after killing a President, they go for a stroll.

The bits of sound bites with Oswald while under arrest do not reflect a lunatic, or even a particularly frightened man. He appears fairly calm, confident and articulate. Not what you might expect from the murderer of the most powerful man in the world.

Was it a coincidence that Winston Lawson of the Secret Service, who was in charge of the planning of the Kennedy's trip, told the Dallas Police not to assign its usual squad of experienced homicide detectives to follow immediately behind the President's car? Police Chief Jesse Curry later testified that had his men been in place, they might have been able to stop the assassin before he fired a second shot.

Was it a coincidence that no actions were taken by the agent in the right front seat of the Presidential limousine [ Roy Kellerman ] to cover the President with his body, although it would have been consistent with Secret Service procedure for him to have done so.

Was it a coincidence that FBI and CIA investigations were both deemed inadequate by later commissions, and that both were accused of withholding evidence from the commissions?

The HSCA (House Select Committee on Assassinations) concluded that President Kennedy was "probably" assassinated as the result of a conspiracy. While declining to name any possible conspirators, it chose rather to dismiss unlikely conspirators including the Soviet Union and Cuba, organized crime groups and anti-Castro groups. The HSCA made several accusations of deficiency against the Secret Service, the Department of Justice, the FBI, the CIA and the Warren Commission.

Was it a coincidence that several pieces of evidence and documentation are described to have been lost, cleaned, or missing from the original chain of evidence (e.g., limousine cleaned out on November 24, Connally's clothing cleaned and pressed,[141] Oswald's military intelligence file destroyed in 1973, Connally's Stetson hat and shirt sleeve gold cufflink missing).

Robert Kennedy's Assassination
Was it a coincidence that Bobby Kennedy was murdered just after winning the California Presidential primary? Had he lost, might he still be alive? Sirhan Sirhan, a 24-year-old Palestinian/Jordanian immigrant, was convicted of Kennedy's murder and is serving a life sentence for the crime. Sirhan's lawyers have released statements claiming evidence that he was framed.

In November 2006, the BBC's Newsnight program presented research by filmmaker Shane O'Sullivan alleging that several CIA officers were present on the night of the assassination. Three men who appear in films and photographs from the night of the assassination were positively identified by former colleagues and associates as former senior CIA officers who had worked together in 1963 at JMWAVE, the CIA's main anti-Castro station based in Miami. They were JMWAVE Chief of Operations David Morales, Chief of Maritime Operations Gordon Campbell and Chief of Psychological Warfare Operations George Joannides.

The program featured an interview with Morales's former attorney Robert Walton, who quoted him as having said, "I was in Dallas when we got the son of a bitch and I was in Los Angeles when we got the little bastard." O'Sullivan reported that the CIA declined to comment on the officers in question. It was also alleged that Morales was known for his deep anger toward the Kennedys for what he saw as their betrayal during the Bay of Pigs Invasion.

Among the list of possible conspirators named by New Orleans DA Jim Garrison were: Jack Ruby - Owald's assassin, David Ferrie, Clay Shaw, Guy Banister, and Oswald, but, curiously, not New Orleans mafia boss Carlos Marcello who was linked to all of them except Oswald himself.

On February 13, 1964, Canadian Richard Giesbrecht unwittingly overheard a conversation between two men in the Winnipeg International Airport. Giesbrecht noticed that one of the men had "the oddest hair and eyebrows I'd ever seen." He later told the FBI he was certain that the man was David Ferrie.

Ferrie's companion was approximately the same age as Ferrie, late forties, wore a hearing aid and spoke with a Latin accent. Giesbrecht heard Ferrie tell his companion that he was concerned about how much Oswald had told his wife about the plot to kill Kennedy. 

They spoke of the Warren Commission investigation and discussed a man called Isaacs, his relationship with Oswald, and wondered why he got involved with someone so "psycho" as Oswald. One of the men lamented the fact that Isaacs had been caught on television film sometime during the Dallas motorcade.

Ferrie said that "they" had more money than ever. Then Giesbrecht caught a snippet of a conversation relating to a meeting that was to take place in March in Missouri, since there had been no meeting since November of 1963.
David Ferrie

Giesbrecht immediately contacted the FBI through his attorney. He gave details of the conversation and after seeing a picture of Ferrie asserted that he was the man he had seen and heard at the Winnipeg airport. After questioning Giesbrecht and telling him that his information was important and "the break we've been waiting for," the FBI contacted him several months later and told him to forget about the matter since it was too serious and since he was a Canadian, there would be nothing the FBI could do for him if he needed protection. 

In a 1969 interview Giesbrecht told writer Paris Flammonde that he was 100 per cent certain the man he saw at the Winnipeg Airport was David Ferrie. Ferrie was found dead in his apartment on February 22, 1967. He had left two typed notes that suggested suicide. The first began "To leave this life, to me, is a sweet prospect." For several paragraphs he rambled on about crime in America and the incompetence of the American government. The second note was brief and declared that "when you read this I will be quite dead and no answer will be possible." New Orleans Metro Crime Commission director, Aaron Kohn believed that Ferrie was murdered.

There is much more on David Ferrie at http://spot.acorn.net/jfkplace../09/fp.back_issues/05th_Issue/ferrie.html

In 1980, I had a creative writing teacher in Vancouver who was American. He had spent part of the 70's investigating the Kennedy assassination. He told me that every single trail that he followed ended with a dead body - many of suspicious circumstances. He finally realized that the closer he got the more danger he was in, so he abandoned years of work and moved to Canada. There was no question in his mind that there was a conspiracy to murder JFK and another conspiracy to cover it up.