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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Israel will Strike Iran Alone if the US Agrees to Weak Deal at Geneva

The following contain excerpts from a few posts by Joel Rosenberg on his blog. He, along with many others are convinced that war between Israel and Iran is inevitable. Iran's Supreme Leader, today, restated his determination to see the destruction of Israel.

Meanwhile, Israel is preparing to go it alone as it doesn't trust the US to have its back. So much depends on whether the Geneva negotiations are able to stop Iran's nuclear production or not. Khamenei sound completely uninterested in stopping production.

But even if Israel has to 'go it alone', they won't be alone. God has their back, even if we don't. See Ezekiel 38 and 39.

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(Jerusalem, Israel) -- "Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said his country would not step back from its nuclear rights and his negotiating team had set limits for talks over Iran's disputed nuclear program to resume in Geneva later on Wednesday," reported the Jerusalem Post. "Khamenei took swipes at Israel and France during his speech to tens of thousands of volunteer Basij militiamen in Tehran, broadcast live on Iran's Press TV."
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran
“Zionist officials cannot be called humans, they are like animals, some of them,” said Khamenei. “The Israeli regime is doomed to failure and annihilation,” he added.

"The 'Zionist regime' says things that 'only bring humiliation on themselves,' he said adding that it is a regime that 'emerged through force and no phenomenon that has emerged through force has continued to exist, and this regime will not continue to exist either,'" the Iranian leader insisted....

"The leader also criticized France. French President Francois Hollande assured Israel on Sunday that France would continue to oppose an easing of economic sanctions against Iran until it was convinced Tehran had given up any pursuit of nuclear weapons," noted the Post.

Francois Hollande, President of France
The Times of Israel reported that "President Francois Hollande believes comments by Iran’s supreme leader about Israel are 'unacceptable' and complicate talks between world powers and the Islamic regime over its nuclear program," according to a French government spokesperson.

A profound sense of dismay is spreading among the Israeli people that they are watching the sunset of the golden years of the U.S.-Israeli alliance.

The slowly but steadily emerging consensus is that the American government is poised to cut a disastrous deal with Iran that could potentially endanger the State of Israel, and that the perhaps the White House cannot be trusted as the supreme ally it has been for seven decades.

"Israeli-US tensions over Iran have now emphatically reached the level of a major crisis, involving a fundamental clash of interests," notes a respected Israeli commentator, echoing the view many analysts here are reluctantly stating.

He noted that since the President chose to back down from using military force in Syria after America's red lines were repeatedly crossed, "Israel has broadly concluded that — while the US insists it is not bluffing, and while it has made preparations for military action — there is no credible American military option [regarding Iran]....

There is not absolute certainty in Jerusalem that the United States would have Israel’s back in the event that it did resort to force. If Israel’s leaders find themselves faced with the following equation: on the one hand, the imperative to protect eight million Israelis and the existence of the state and, on the other, the danger of enraging the international community, the choice would actually be quite straightforward. 

Those in the know in Israel are convinced that, against Iran’s nuclear program, Israel has formidable capabilities. This is not to suggest that the Israeli Air Force would be scrambling on the day after a deal is signed with Iran. But the option to strike would be there."

Amidror and Netanyahu (Bibi)
“We are not bluffing.” Israel ready to strike Iran alone, says Netanyahu’s outgoing national security advisor.

(Jerusalem,  Israel) -- The plan is set. The air force has trained. Everything is in place. Should Prime Minister Netanyahu order a full scale attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, the Israeli Defense Forces are ready to go into battle. They are ready to do so alone, without American or other allied support. And Israel will succeed.

This was the message of Netanyahu's outgoing national security advisor Yaakov Amidror in recent days, and it has Mideast analysts buzzing.

Amidror, a devout Orthodox Jew and long-experienced intelligence analyst, rarely gives interviews and doesn't do spin. When he starts speaking publicly about a possible Israeli preemptive strike and says, "We are not bluffing," heads start turning and ears prick up.

Personally, (says Joel Rosenberg) I believe Netanyahu recruited Amidror to help Israel prepare for this moment.

Amidror was named national security advisor (February 2011) -- he spoke at a conference in Washington, D.C. and said he fully expected a war with Iran.

“Technically, Israel will be ready [to strike Iran] if and when the decision will be taken….[but] no one is eager for war with Iran," Amidror said at the time. "If war with Iran comes, American planes will be used — the question is will it be American pilots or Israeli pilots flying those planes?….It would be a dirty one, a long one, one no one wants to be in….We want to postpone as long as possible….If you ask me for my assessment — and that’s what I have done for 25 years, doing assessments — I believe it is almost impossible to stop Iran without military force.”

Now consider Amidror's latest statements, given just as he is stepping down from government service after several intense and grueling years in the inner circle.

"An Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear installations would halt Iran's ability to produce nuclear weapons 'for a very long time,' said Yaakov Amidror who stepped down as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's national security adviser last week," reported Haaretz, picking up a "rare interview" Amidror gave to British newspaper the Financial Times.

Key excerpts from the interview:

Amidror said Netanyahu "is ready to take such decisions" but "the situation will be the determining factor for any prime minister. The situation will dictate actions.”

He also said the Israeli air force has conducted in recent years “very long-range flights . . . all around the world” as part of preparations for a possible military confrontation with Iran. “From here to Iran, it is 2,000km, and you have to be familiar with such destinations,” Amidror said. "All those who have radar cover of the Middle East know what we are doing.”

He added: “We are not the United States of America, of course, and believe it or not they have more capabilities than us. But we have enough to stop the Iranians for a very long time.”

The former national security adviser, who was until recently Netanyahu's top aide on security matters, was asked if Israel has the capability to hit Iran's subterranean nuclear sites. “Including everything," he answered. 

"We are not bluffing. We are very serious – preparing ourselves for the possibility that Israel will have to defend itself by itself.”

Amidror addressed the possibility an Israeli strike would trigger a response by Hezbollah, such as the firing of thousands of missiles toward Israel. In that case, Amidror said Israel would have to go on a ground assault into Lebanon and enter urban areas to stop the fire.