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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Worship - According to Tozer

Worship – Another paraphrasing of A.W. Tozer

The kingdom of God has suffered a great deal from men who would rather fight than pray. It has also been done great harm by men who would rather be nice than be right.

False worship:
Cain worship – Assumes God to be different than Who He is,

- Assumes a relationship to God that isn’t there,

- Assumes sin is not as serious as it really is.

Samaritan worship – Heretical worship
- Picks out what you want to believe and rejects or ignores the rest.

True worship:
“Worship must lie within the confines of eternal truth. God is Spirit, and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.

Only the Holy Spirit can enable man to worship God acceptably.

Only the Holy Spirit can pray acceptably, or do anything acceptably. I believe that all the gifts of the Spirit not only ought to be but have been present in His church all down the centuries.”

To worship him in truth, I must believe what God says about Himself, about His Son, about me, about sin, and about grace.

We must never edit or apologize for God.

We must believe Jesus is our Saviour and Lord.

We must believe all that God says about us – what He will do for us, and that we are as bad as He says we are.

We must believe that sin is repulsive to God, and unacceptable in Eternity.

We must believe that God’s grace is as great as He says it is.