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Father God, thank you for the love of the truth you have given me. Please bless me with the wisdom, knowledge and discernment needed to always present the truth in an attitude of grace and love. Use this blog and Northwoods Ministries for your glory. Help us all to read and to study Your Word without preconceived notions, but rather, let scripture interpret scripture in the presence of the Holy Spirit. All praise to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The first definition I came across was, “instead of lies and supernaturalism.” Supernaturalism; where did that come from? What was this, the beginning of an attack on faith?

Then I found this astounding revelation, “on veridical truth, as opposed not only to proven falsehood, lying and promise-breaking but also to institutionalized religion and other forms of supernaturalism.” So it is an attack on faith. (Veridical, by the way, means real, actual, or genuine.)

It would appear that veridical truth is not opposed to non-institutionalized religion. You gotta be careful what you read on the internet; there is all kinds of clap-trap.

Later I found a better definition, “conformity with fact or reality.” I also found that the word is Anglo-Saxon in origin and has an element of “faithfulness” at its roots. Isn’t that ironic?

Also, the Biblical definition of the word is, “opposed to falsehood,” “fidelity” (which has an element of faithfulness), and, of course, Jesus referred to Himself as the Truth.

My search for truth in Christianity will take me in many different directions. I invite you to come along and help me on this quest. Much of it will question popular doctrine, especially those which have become popular in the last 50 years or so. You will see a number of articles with “Romantic Christian” in the title. This is one of the terms I use to describe what I believe are Christians who have strayed from Biblical truth.

There are so many Christians, including entire denominations, big ones, that have romanticized Christianity to the point where it is not the least demanding, not at all difficult, there is no real requirement of us, no cross to carry, in fact, it’s become just a warm, fuzzy way to supplement our lives and make them better. This, of course, has nothing to do with Christianity.

Christianity is about restoring a fallen race to the God Who created them. It demands much of us; it is exceedingly difficult at times, but always with help available; it requires obedience, submission, sanctification, sincerity, sacrifice, discipline, and truth. And it requires us to pick up our cross daily.

The cross has lost its meaning in recent decades. It used to mean a burden, or difficulty in one’s life meant to help that person grow in character and closer to God. Paul’s cross was the ‘thorn in his side, the messenger of Satan” that the Lord afflicted him with to keep him humble. Modern Christians, Romantic Christians, reject that kind of stuff and will go to great lengths to reject such crosses to their own detriment.