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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Totalitarian Tendencies of Climate Change Activists Destroying Canada’s Economy

Most climate change activists have nothing but goodness in their hearts and are genuinely trying to save the planet. They, largely, are being duped by a few people, dare I say, Deep State people, who greatly influence scientists and media and have created the near-hysterical attitude that not justified in real science. These people have ulterior motives in what they do and should not be trusted. There is very little truth and very questionable science in climate change hyperbole.

With activists harassing banks financing Kinder Morgan pipeline and vows by recently elected BC NDP government to block the approved Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, Canada’s economy is being destroyed by a ‘no fossil fuels’ mentality, says Friends of Science.

The “No Pipeline” mentality of anti-oil activists and Canada’s drastic GHG reduction targets will shutter virtually all economical drivers of the Canadian economy


As reported in the National Observer of July 21, 2017, a coalition of aboriginal and environmental activists claiming climate catastrophe, are harassing the banks financing the approved Trans Mountain pipeline expansion in an attempt to block construction. Friends of Science says that this totalitarian approach of "No Pipelines" is unrealistic and destructive to the Canadian economy and democracy.

National Observer: Canada's "big five" banks are the largest backers of Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline project, according to the company's financial documents.

In total, 26 banks from Canada, the United States, Japan, Europe, and China have committed about $7.25 billion through a combination of share purchases and loans.

Canadian banks have made the largest investments. TD Bank has committed about $731 million, and RBC $714 million. Scotiabank and CIBC have each committed roughly $639 million while Bank of Montreal came in at $446 million, and National Bank at $407 million. Smaller Canadian commitments include ATB Financial at $150 million and Canadian Western Bank at $50 million.

Desjardins pledged $145 million towards the project. The company has since announced a temporary suspension of any future support for pipelines.

The Trans Mountain pipeline is facing renewed questioning because B.C.'s new premier, John Horgan, has promised to "use every tool available" to block its construction. The new government hasn't specified what actions it will take but has a number of options available.

In the prospectus for its 2017 IPO, Kinder Morgan acknowledged that the project could be "inhibited, delayed or stopped" by a variety of forces, including rising sea levels, Indigenous legal action, and governmental or community opposition.

In June, a coalition of Indigenous and environmental groups launched campaigns targeting the banks backing Kinder Morgan Canada. Lead signatories included Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, president of the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs, and Grand Chief Serge Simon of the Mohawk Council of Kanesatake in Quebec.

Dutch bank ING responded by announcing that it would no longer finance pipelines from the Canadian oil sands. ING had previously withdrawn its involvement in the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline. The move followed an announcement by Sweden's pension fund AP7 that it was divesting from pipeline company TransCanada and five other companies because their activities are not compatible with the Paris climate agreement.

Kinder Morgan Canada's president, Ian Anderson held a quarterly earnings report on July 19 and assured investors that the company is on track to begin construction in September of 2017.

In past public statements, BC’s Premier Horgan has vowed to stop Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, though this would violate Canadian Rule of Law. In the National Post of July 25, 2017, BC’s Green Party leader, former climate science modeller, Andrew Weaver is quoted as saying: “B.C.’s future does not lie in chasing yesterday’s fossil fuel economy.”

Andrew Weaver might be more convincing if he put his climate models into public domain so they can be peer reviewed. Most climate modellers will not - that is not science!

Friends of Science says this is misleading as the International Energy Agency reports that today’s economies run almost entirely on fossil fuels and that is not expected to change any time soon: 

“In 2014, the shares of primary energy supply by energy source were: 
oil, 31.3%; 
coal, 28.8%; 
natural gas, 21.0 %; 
biofuels and waste, 10.3%; 
nuclear, 4.8%; 
hydro, 2.4%; 
and “other”, including all renewables energy sources, 1.4%.“

Commentator Marian L. Tupy calls out the “Totalitarianism of Environmentalists” in his July 19th, 2017 blog post.

Canada appears to be moving toward being less competitive all the time with demands for additional environmental and regulatory reviews, as discussed in a July 20, 2017 post by Ottawa energy policy consultant Robert Lyman.

Additional demands for aboriginal consultation in resource development based on ‘traditional knowledge’ is a concept disputed by Lyman in this post of July 26, 2017.

The recently released 2-part study of “The Changing World of Energy and the Geopolitical Challenges” by EU energy expert Samuele Furfari, Ph.D., professor at the Free University of Brussels, shows that fossil fuel use and exports proliferate world-wide.

As expressed in his May 9th, 2017 presentation to Friends of Science Society, Robert Lyman, explained that Canada cannot survive the present climate change policies. The “No Pipeline” mentality of anti-oil activists and Canada’s drastic GHG reduction targets will shutter virtually all economical drivers of the Canadian economy. Furthermore, Lyman points out that such one-sided demands are not democratic. Presentation posted on YouTube: youtu.be/acjGXJvgTBs

The absurdity of it all is that the world needs energy and they will get it from fossil fuels because renewable energy sources are not nearly developed enough to replace them. If they don't get fossil fuels from Canada, they will get them from elsewhere, and the only real effect is that Canada is out tens, if not hundreds of billions of dollars. That is a lot of unemployed people! Since we have a government that spends money like it grows on trees, there will be little left in government coffers to invest or even encourage investment in renewable energies.

But, alas, we won't need much energy when half the country is out of work. Is that the plan?

Friends of Science Society dispute the anti-oil activist climate catastrophe claims, saying that human influence on climate change is nominal compared to natural influences, such as the interactions of solar cycles driving ocean oscillations, among other factors.

Friends of Science is celebrating 15 years of reviewing a broad spectrum of literature on climate change and have concluded the sun is the main driver of climate change, not carbon dioxide (CO2).