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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

"The Good" Think I Should "Move Home" if Sweden does not Fit

20+ years ago Bianca Muratagic immigrated from Bosnia to Sweden. Now, when she complains about the rapid decline in Swedish culture and values in the name of political correctness and far-left ideology, she's told to 'go home'.

This article appeared in Katerina Magasine in Swedish and the Google translation is a little poor in places, but the article is worth reading to get a sense of what sensible Swedes are thinking about Stefan's immigration lunacy.

"When I criticize how Sweden is governed and what happens to the country, I am often told that I should move back if I'm so unhappy. But it is not the racists who speaks - but those who consider themselves to be good. Then, I say unto you, I will never keep quiet and bow myself to you that sounds "right values" go before the public safety and facts. I speak out of concern for Sweden and I'm here to stay", writes Bianca Muratagic, former refugee from Bosnia, in her guest column on Katerina Magasin.

I have been told as an immigrant to return "home", that today's Sweden does not suit me. And no, it's not the racists who want to send me out - it's the nice people, the politically correct, those who beat their chests and talk about human equality. Obviously I am worthless because they want to send me when I raise my voice and criticize all that is about to get really wrong here in my home country since more than twenty years. But I say unto you, I will never keep quiet and bend them to let the "right values" go before the public safety and facts.

When the state saves money on pregnant women by closing the maternity clinics and start courses in bilförlossningar (Its purpose is to prepare the parents as much as possible before the long car ride and make them feel secure, while in labour many miles from hospital), while seventy police stations close during the summer due to lack of financial resources, library bar again because of threats and violence against staff, public transport is set to it occurs riots and stone throwing in the suburbs, music festivals and bath houses are affected by sexual harassment, so I can not understand what it is I should be grateful for? Should I close my eyes and look away?

When 147,000 people have been long-term unemployed for more than a year and over 77,000 people in more than two years, over 230 000 Swedish pensioners live below the poverty line, 75 000 old and sick people go hungry every year and 15,000 at risk of dying of starvation ... Retirees who worked and toiled all their lives are told by the rich and privileged to renounce their welfare that Sweden will get to play a humanitarian superpower. The Swedish pensioners should keep quiet and be thankful because old people in Romania are much poorer and have it so much worse? Should I just stand by and watch these enormous injustices and accept them without a blink?

And then there are the dissidents who do not fit into 'the good guys' world with the "right values." They must be silenced by the good "värdegrundsexpertena" engaged in activism, preaching and spreading false messages and statements such as "Do not be afraid" and "Sweden has never been safer" when the rapes, crimes, murders, violent riots and terrorist threats escalate and the lesser privileged may become victims of moral police, IS sympathizers and criminals, in segregated neighborhoods and exclusion areas far from the white middle class secure sanctuary, where artists, journalists, political leaders and policymakers live. And you need me to be grateful, accept help but protest?

Our rulers refuse to listen to the people. SD (Sweden Democrats - considered anti-immigration and far-right by some) has become the second biggest party and growing stronger among the working class, immigrants, and especially women who have had enough of oppression with honor motive. But the incumbent politicians continue to deny reality. They continue to freeze out, ignore and demonize the democratic selected portion, although this method had a totally opposite effect. That people who sympathized with V (left-wing party, some, like me, might call it far-left) wants to add its voice to SD in the next election says a lot about the journey Sweden made the last eight years. That our political leaders forget is that their arrogance and megalomania raises a huge frustration among ordinary honest working people, running over and denigrated every time their concern and dissatisfaction is silenced and ignored.

No, I refuse to keep quiet. I refuse to bend my neck, and accept what is going on. I refuse to stand by and watch when people lose their jobs, friends and family for their "wrong" views on Facebook. I refuse to accept that those who question the power elite are humiliated and portrayed as Nazis and those who criticize Islamism and religious fundamentalism accused of Islamophobia. No, all you who call yourselves the good people with your right values, you should not tell me that I should move and leave Sweden just because I criticize or question the power elite hypocrisy, lies and ignoring of facts. We have freedom of speech in Sweden and I will fight for and avail myself of it.

Obviously I'm grateful to Sweden and the opportunities I was given here. But I'll never agree to my refugee status being used against me, to silence me when I am speaking critically about the irresponsible and failed immigration policy where both the Swedes and refugees suffer greatly. When you demean, ridicule, silence, and stamp us as racist who have been victims of terrorism, Nazism, religious fundamentalism, persecution, war and honor, when we actually dare oppose and criticize the view corridor you have created, you have lost all credibility. It's actually you who is the biggest obstacle to get Sweden back on its feet. Dressed in anti-racism mantle, you demonize people like me and you diminish me and my opinions. But now your arrogance has come to the surface. Admit that you are bothered by competent and independent immigrants; perhaps you even feel threatened by us because we see through your fake acting and hunger for political power, the ruthlessness with which you crush a well-functioning country. 

No, I'm not going to shut up and be grateful for sacrifices you have given us immigrants so you can strengthen your positions and build your political career. And I'm definitely not going "home".

Bianca Muratagic

Bianca Muratagic works as a vocal coach, artistic director, concert arranger and singer. She runs her own business Vocal Academy Bianca in Uppsala. 

Bless you, Bianca, for speaking out. Sweden is worth saving from the lunatic left!