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Monday, February 13, 2017

EU Uses Russia as ‘Tool’, Creates Hostile Situation – Former OSCE Assembly VP Willy Wimmer

War with Russia; Nato; European security
Wimmer pretty much nails it; although, keep in mind
he is addressing an RT audience

Former Parliamentary State Secretary in Germany's Defense Ministry and Ex-Vice President of the OSCE's Parliamentary Assembly Willy Wimmer. © Mikhail Voskresenskiy / Sputnik

The EU tries to create a hostile situation against Russia and uses it as a “tool” in terms of the press and influencing the population, German ex-VP of the OSCE Assembly told RT, calling the situation “disastrous.”

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) is the world's largest security-oriented intergovernmental organization. Its mandate includes issues such as arms control and the promotion of human rights, freedom of the press and fair elections. 

The OSCE is concerned with early warning, conflict prevention, crisis management, and post-conflict rehabilitation. Its 57 participating states are located in Europe, northern and central Asia and North America and cover much of the land area of the Northern Hemisphere. It was created during the Cold War era as an East–West forum.  Wikipedia

“I think we have a disastrous situation in the EU, and we face, since some years, the situation where they do their utmost to create a hostile situation against the Russian Federation...” Willy Wimmer, also former state secretary to Germany’s defense minister, told RT’s SophieCo.

“...And when it comes to the press and when it comes to influencing the population, they used, really, Moscow as a tool for their own purpose,” he continued, responding to a question about unfounded allegations that Russia interfered with German politics in a bid to influence the federal vote.

“I think it’s so interesting that even the German Security Service – Bundesnachrichtendienst [BND] – just told the public that there’s no influence by the Russian Federation, which looks like a campaign of disinformation. So, I think now they face, in Berlin or in Brussels, an interesting situation. Again, they have to deal with their own problems and not to use Moscow as an excuse.”

The former OSCE Parliamentary Assembly vice president went on to state that Western Europe has feared two things for decades.

“The first is to start a war and have a European battlefield and the second fear is to face something like a US-Russian condominium on Europe,” he said referring to a statement by Germany's Vice-Chancellor and Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, in which he said the US and Russia should find common ground – but not at the expense of Europe.

When it comes to European sanctions against Russia, Wimmer said they are in place “because of the coup d’etat in Kiev, which has been organized by the West.”

George Soros' NGOs in Ukraine were involve in the Euromaiden uprising that caused the elected, pro-Russian head of government to flee for his life. Soros' NGOs were created specifically to help former USSR countries with their conversion from communism. Now that communism is gone from that part of the world, Soros' NGOs appear to be fighting Russia and any kind of conservatism. 

“Why do we have sanctions against the Russian Federation? There's no reason,” Wimmer said, adding that such sanctions hurt the EU’s own interests and noting that the bloc will likely follow suit if President Donald Trump removes US sanctions against Russia.

When it comes to NATO, Wimmer accused the alliance of being “outdated.”

As I have been saying for years, this is an organization looking for a reason to exist; if it can't find one; it will create one. That appears to be what it is doing in eastern Europe by making Russia into a bogeyman. It is what appears to have happened in 1992, after the fall of communism, when talk of NATO becoming obsolete first began.

Is it not 'passing strange' that NATO is suddenly reacting to the annexation of the Crimea, 2 and a half years after it happened? Is it a coincidence that their reaction began after candidate Trump started talking about NATO being obsolete?

NATO's purpose is, ostensibly, to prevent war, but there has to be a threat of war for it to prevent. The problem with creating a threat of war is that it often escalates into real war. Do we really want a war with Russia? Are we nuts? Is Europe being made 'more secure' by the hostile actions now occurring on its Russian borders? I would argue that it is less secure now than at anytime in the cold war since Czechoslovakia.

“NATO is outdated, not only because of the remarks of President Trump that NATO is obsolete. NATO is outdated because the European Parliament, the European population never in history voted for NATO as an aggressive alliance. NATO was a defensive alliance and should be restricted on German territory as such. What we see in these days is NATO at the Russian-Western border. This was never in our interest and is never backed by international rules and regulations...” he said.

Wimmer added that if Trump were to start a debate on the alliance’s role and legal structure, such a discussion would be “in favor of the European population.”

Meanwhile, Wimmer stated that although Merkel criticized Trump’s travel ban for citizens of seven mainly Muslim countries, secure borders are also in the interest of Germany and Europe as a whole.

“We are interested in having secure borders, no wars on the other side of the border and no refugees coming by hundreds of thousands to our countries. We should help them live in their own countries and not destroy them, and not destroy the future of these people,” Wimmer said.

He went on to accuse Merkel of opening Germany's borders and “not acting on the basis of our law.”

“We live in a situation where we never lived in before – the German government has to be based on our own laws. When we allow the federal chancellor to do her own business, we are facing a critical situation and when it comes to hundreds of thousands of people of whom we don’t know that they are in the country, of whom we don’t know about their names, their background – I think we never saw, in modern European history, a country being organized like this,” he said.

Wimmer said that when it comes to terrorism situations in various Western countries, we must “blame our own governments for not obeying our own laws” and therefore causing such security problems.

Merkel will stand for re-election in the federal election in September. Whether or not she succeeds in beating out top contender Social Democrat Martin Schulz will, according to Wimmer, depend on other German election outcomes, as well as elections in other Western European countries.

“...All these results will have a major effect on the inner German situation, because in the very moment we all have the feeling, when it comes to Europe, we live on a hand grenade. It can explode every second and this will have a major influence on the German elections in September,” he said.