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Monday, December 26, 2016

Startling Comments on the New World Order (Astro-Turfing) from Putin

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- I think it's that important!

The world that is dramatically changing in ways that are too numerous to count and at a pace that is nothing short of astonishing, is a frightening place and few politicians seem to have a grip on it that compares with Russian President Putin's. Although he hasn't discovered the word yet, he is describing the effects of 'astro-turfing' on society. This will be explained below.

He may be the Oligarch of all oligarchs, and have a history that is nothing short of horrifying, but he is seeing 'the big picture' right now better than any major politician on the planet. 

video 2:20

Political correctness is the vehicle for 'The New World Order'. Political correctness, however, is not correct; it is built on a platform of lies and feelings that disregard truth and history. Whether it is the obvious, like same-sex marriage, or gender transformation; or whether it is more subtle, like the acceptance of millions of migrants into Europe, it is dangerous and will result in destruction and doom for planet Earth.

The acceptance by many people today that gays are born gay is as anti-Christian an attitude as one can possibly have. That God finds homosexuality an abomination is found throughout the entire Bible. If you are not prepared to believe the Bible, how can you even call yourself a Christian? 

God created woman with an anatomy specifically designed to have sex with man. Man was not created to have sex with man or parts of him would have been designed very differently. It is an insult to God to think otherwise.

For nearly 1400 years, Muhammed's followers have been trying to conquer Europe and have been thwarted most every time, until the past two years when, through 'astro-turfing', Europe decided it needed to embrace the invasion and receive as many Muslims as wished to come. "How can we not?" was the cry. "We have to save these poor Muslims!" 

Europeans can be commended for their generosity and their heart, but it comes on the wings of colossal naivety! Gone unnoticed was the fact that very few Muslim countries were the least bit interested in taking in any refugees. The wealthy Gulf States didn't take any! Qatar had accommodations for 70,000 people ready to move into and jobs for at least that many. Who is living in those accommodations now? Mostly Indians and others from southeast Asia. Qatar didn't want Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans or North Africans, neither did Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, or Bahrain, all wealthy Muslim countries, so Europe took them.

What is astro-turfing?

It is grass-roots movements which are completely artificial. There is no actual grass, nor are there any roots! It is all disingenuous. Lies!

This brilliant video explains how astro-turfing works in the framework of pharmaceutical companies and their dishonest and unbelievably evil practices of convincing people how badly we need their medication. But astro-turfing occurs in many other areas including moral degradation, climate change, and the need for insanely powerful and expensive weapons because everyone is a threat to everyone else. 

Please watch this video; it is startling and life-altering:

video 10:54