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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nanaimo City Council Leading the Western World in Anti-Christian Bigotry

In a post a couple weeks ago I revealed that the Law Society of British Columbia, Canada, was pressured into discriminating against Christians when it revoked its stand on recognizing Trinity Western University's Law Program. 

In that piece I wrote: "It has been obvious for decades that gay rights and freedom of religion were going to collide and this is the beginning of that collision." I was wrong! It, in fact, began a month earlier in the small (80,000) city of Nanaimo, British Columbia, when city council decided to tear up an agreement with the city newspaper to rent the convention centre to hold a leadership convention.

Actually, it was a live simulcast of a leadership convention held in Atlanta and Cape Town and simulcast all over the world. Speakers included people like Condaleeza Rice, Laura Bush, and many business leaders from all over. What was so offensive to the Nanaimo Council? One of the sponsors was Chick Filet, and one of the speakers was Dr Henry Cloud who happens to believe that gays can be straightened out. Since, at least, 90% of gays are not born gay, I believe it too.

The owner of Chick Filet spoke out once, a few years ago, against gay marriage and the franchise has been vilified ever since by the LGBT lobby and those who support it. Freedom of speech is well protected unless you are talking about gays or lesbians in which case - God help you.

However, this is tantamount to blasphemy to the city that wants to lead the world in liberalism. Only one councilor had the nerve to question the decision (albeit somewhat meekly) and then voted against the motion which would otherwise have been unanimous.

That they cancelled the contract less than 4 days before the event and after many tickets had already been sold was egregious enough, but they didn't let the newspaper or any of the organizers know that the issue was going to be raised. Consequently, no-one was there to defend the conference or the rights of Nanaimo's Christians. It was sneaky, underhanded, vile (one councilor said that Christians were like criminals), dishonest and illegal.

What they did violates at least four of the basic rights and freedoms in Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and consequently, will most certainly be challenged in court. The court will rule against city council and that will be the end of that, for now.

Meanwhile, what is scary is that you can probably find a significant percentage of average Canadians who will agree with Nanaimo, most of them fooled into thinking that gays are born gay when they are not. At least the large majority are not. This has been well documented scientifically, and I hope to publish an article or series on that soon.

A 40 minute show on this report can be seen here. It features much footage of the council meeting and many commentaries by Ezra Levant. It's pretty interesting!

This is not just a Canadian thing - this anti-Christian movement will explode across the world with astounding speed. If you don't believe that we are in the 'end-times', just watch what happens with the anti-Christian movement. You soon will.

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