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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Kim Jong-un Dismisses Uncle and Consolidates Power

Kim Jong-un consolidates power in North Korea by dismissing his Uncle and his associates. 

Yesterday, http://northwoodsministries.blogspot.ca/2013/12/putin-takes-control-of-russian-media.html, I wrote about how USSR communists consolidated power in the days of the CCCP - by murdering their political opponents. Stalin murdered millions of people as he suspected everyone, even his own family of being against him.

His paranoia was fed by the fledgling predecessor of the KGB which found it expedient to exaggerate the threats to communism, taking the position that there were no neutral countries. That all countries that did not support them were conspiring to destroy them.

With that contrived paranoia, the small intelligence agency was able to grow into an enormously powerful entity in the Soviet Union and in the entire world. 

It wasn't long, however, that the KGB began to believe their own propaganda and true paranoia set in. That paranoia became embedded in all communist countries very quickly and still is. In China, there is still the suspicion that Christianity is a western plot to overthrow communism, although this is diminishing.

In North Korea's time bubble, the paranoia runs very deep still. While it is unlikely that Uncle Chang will end up dead, he may find himself, his family and his cohorts living in one or more of the hundreds of prisons built by Kim Jong-un's father.

What this shake-up means for North Korea and South Korea is anyone's guess right now. South Korea is very wary, as they should be, however, this may turn out to be a good thing. The European educated Kim Jong-un may have a lot less paranoia than his father or grandfather. 

It shouldn't take long before we find out which way he will take his country. Meanwhile, we should be praying for him to open the doors to the world and abandon the absurd rhetoric and propaganda that they plague their citizens with.

South Korea's president has warned that ties with the communist North could become more unstable following the removal of a major powerbroker.

President Park Geun-hye said the North was "carrying out a reign of terror", after news of the purge of Chang Song-thaek, uncle of leader Kim Jong-un.

North Korea confirmed on Monday that Mr Chang was stripped off official posts.

The move has been seen as the biggest shake-up in Pyongyang since the death of leader Kim Jong-il in December 2011.

"North Korea is currently carrying out a reign of terror, undertaking a large-scale purge in order to strengthen Kim Jong-un's power," Ms Park said during a cabinet meeting.
Kim Jong-un
"From now on, South-North Korea relations may become more unstable."

Mr Chang, who is married to Kim Jong-il's sister, was seen as a powerful figure guiding the administration of Kim Jong-un.

But on Monday, North Korean state media confirmed South Korean reports that he had fallen from grace, accusing him of forming factions against the state, corruption and "depraved" acts such as womanising and drug abuse.

State news agency KCNA on Tuesday reported on a meeting of the Workers' Party central committee on 8 December that it said laid bare Mr Chang's crimes.

It said that Mr Chang's group dared to "challenge the party through factional acts, while attempting to undermine the unitary leadership of the party".

"The party eliminated Jang [Chang] and decisively purged his group, dealing a telling blow at its dangerous factional acts," KCNA said.

The official Rodong Sinmun newspaper, for its part, carried an editorial on its front page on Tuesday calling for unity under Kim Jong-un and said North Korea would "never forgive any traitors".