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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Self-Immolation of the Republican Party of the US

When I think of the Republican in the US, I envision a dirt-poor, idiotic hillbilly sitting on the ground with a rifle happily shooting his toes off one by one. His demented brain thinks the pain is actually fun. That he will soon bleed to death never occurs to him; he's having fun.

As a born-again, right-wing, conservative Christian, I have a certain empathy for the Tea-Partiers and share many of their beliefs, but their methods are repulsive. The Tea Party has forced Speaker Boehner into the corner that he's in - a corner with no possible way out with dignity, and no  possible way out without losing a great deal of political collateral.

The Tea Party, though small in numbers is steering the Republican Party like a rudder steers a ship. It is using threats to less conservative Republicans to support their plans or they will be challenged in the next election. Tea Partiers wave the Stars and Stripes, ask God to bless America, and generally appeal to Christians because of their stance against abortion, gay rights, big government, etc. They are also against universal health care which they have convinced Christians is a bad thing.

Here are the problems with Tea Partiers and their supporters:

Refusing health care for some people is completely unChrist-like. The Bible says that we will be judged on our attitudes and actions toward the sick and the poor. Being a Christian will not exempt you from that judgement.

You cannot set up a theocracy in the US! It will result in absolute anarchy and will make the Gospel impossible to share with anyone who isn't already a Christian.

Fighting against the government in an effort to destroy it is also anti-Biblical. Neither Jesus, nor any of the Apostles, fought against the governments of their day. They taught respect for authority, not contempt. In the first century the Biblical world was run by Romans. During the latter days of Paul and John, Nero was Caesar. Nero used to turn Christians into living candles to light his garden at night. Yet, not one word has been written by either disciple against him.

The only people for which Jesus showed contempt were the religious hypocrites. The people who were so dogmatic they didn't recognize God when He stood in their midst. In today's world, that might be the Tea Partiers. Do they not realize that God appoints rulers? Can they not see that President Obama won the last election because of his reaction to Hurricane Sandy? Do you think hurricane Sandy was not ordained by God? If so, you don't know your Bible, and you don't really know God.

Christians, you are being manipulated, used and abused by people who think they can run the US better than the man God appointed. If your attitude is one of contempt toward Barack Obama, then you are expressing contempt for God Who chose him. You should be very uncomfortable with that.

You cannot hate someone you are truly praying for. Real prayer will result in loving the person who is the focus of your prayer. If you hate Obama it is because you are not genuinely praying for him - for him, not for his views to line up with yours - that is praying for yourself. Pray for God to meet his needs and for him to turn to God often and to hear His voice.

Stop the political nonsense and concentrate on the spiritual, on prayer, on the Gospel, on helping those in need wherever they are, and on glorifying God by acting in a manner consistent with the character of Jesus every moment of every day, in every situation. Do that and you will change the world.