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Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Day in the Life...

Actually two days. Make that 4.

Cultus Lake Golf Course - British Columbia
Day one:

Just moved from Alberta to B.C. so I went to an insurance company to get new plates for my truck. The delightful clerk helping me asked if I had gotten my BC driver's licence yet. I replied in the negative. She told me that I would get the same number that I had before leaving BC. I said, "oh, good."

"Do you know your number?" she asked.

"Yes", I replied, and proceeded to giver her the number. She punched it into the computer then looked at me and said, "no."

I tried a slightly different combination of the same numbers and got the same response.

"I thought I knew it," I declared, "but my memory's been really bad since 1999. Nevertheless, I've written my memoirs since then - very colourful book; I'm just not sure if any of it actually happened."

From there I went to pick up Chinese food at a little place close to home. The Chinese lady, the only waitress was taking orders off the phone. Her English was not very good. On her third call, while I was patiently standing at the counter, she had no end of difficulty communicating with the customer. She started rolling her eyes, then flopping on the desk, then putting her hand on her forehead. I'm killing myself laughing watching this.

The customer wanted delivery and she asked for the address. After 3 attempts she got the 5 digit street number but could not get the street name for anything. She asked several timers for him to spell it but he could not figure out what she was saying. Now we are both cracking up, and finally she hands me the phone and says, "you take." So I wrote down the street name and she was finally able to hang up the phone.

It was the most fun I ever had picking up dinner.

Day two:

Spent all afternoon running around accomplishing very little, "you need this to do that," "you need that to do this," "Oh, you don't have one of those - well, you'll have to wait until July." Nevertheless, Pat and I were enjoying the day anyway.

We went to Tim Horton's drive-through and I asked for an orange-carrot muffin.

"I'm sorry, what kind of muffin?"


Hesitation, "I don't see one. I have a carrot-orange muffin."

Sounding surprised, I said, "OK, that'll do."

Got to the window and the girl says, "we all heard what you said and we're still laughing."

Day three:

Golfing with my son at beautiful Cultus Lake. He has an old Toyota Tercel that he got a good deal on from his brother. It is in its late teens, has more miles than most American made cars ever reach, and has a bit of a lop-sided smile on the front-end. So when Bob pulled up beside a new Maserati in Burnaby the other day, revved his engine and nodded to the driver of the dream car - the poor guy cracked-up. Good to see my son is carrying on the family tradition of absurdity.

Day four:

Walked to Stuporstore today (Real Canadian Superstore) to get some Remember FX. It actually helps with my memory and concentration, not a lot, but some. I searched through the 7 or 8 bottles and could find only one with a future expiry date. I took it and another bottle to the pharmacy counter and asked if they had anymore Remember FX that had not expired. They took the expired bottle and checked the date - Mar 2014.

"It's not expired, it's good until next year," she said.

"You mean it's not 2014 now?" I asked.

"No" she replied, "it's 2013." 

"See why I need it?" I said.