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Friday, December 30, 2011

What’s in Store for 2012?

Firstly, I am not a prophet so these words are my own thoughts not God’s. That shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody. But as someone who watches world events, there are some things that are somewhat obvious:

The global economy will fall into a recession and come perilously close to a depression. A depression may be held off for another year or two because of the strength of the economies in places like China, India, and Brazil. The rest of the world will be dragged into recession by the failing economies of several European countries. Riots will increase in Greece, Spain, Hungary and many other countries as their governments collapse and they abandon the Euro.

Over the past few months several global companies have announced the lay-off of thousands, and even tens of thousands of personnel. Just today they announced that Sears and Kmart will close 100-120 stores. These do not bode well for an economic recovery.

The Occupy Wall Street movement will continue to grow in the US and may be dramatically invigorated by economic and political decisions. The Anti-Putin protest movement in Russia is a form of the Occupy movement and is extremely dangerous. Putin is very ambitious and is not likely to go quietly into retirement. Expect some dramatic development there that requires Russia to have a ‘strong-man’ at the helm. It will most likely be a war, but could be a wave of terrorism triggered and sponsored by Putin himself, but expect something to happen there and soon.

Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons continues despite sanctions. Today, Iran threatened to close the Straits of Hormuz through which 40% of the world’s oil is shipped. This is another dangerous situation with potential to escalate. Mossad has been slowing down the development of nuclear weapons in Iran with mysterious explosions within the many nuclear compounds. At some point, Israel will have to strike these compounds with massive force initiating a state of full-out war with Iran, but this may not happen this year. When it does happen, remember, Russia is a military ally of Iran. That brings in the possibility of the Ezekiel 37 & 38 prophecies of a Russian-Islamic war against Israel. I would be a little surprised if Israeli PM Netanyahu did not launch a strike before the next American elections. The Republicans are staunch Israeli allies but they appear to be shooting themselves in the foot with a routine approaching the Keystone Cops. Netanyahu will want to strike while the Republicans still have some power.

In 'The Inevitable Middle-East War' below, I suggested (actually I first suggested it in 2008) that in order for a Russian-Islamic war on Israel to occur, the US would either have to abandon Israel or  they would be too financially crippled to be able to help them. The latest news from Washington indicates that the military will be reduced by 10-15% over the next ten years. The article also suggests that a similar reduction may have to be announced next year. When the full effect of the Euro-collapse occurs - look for this reduction to be expedited. The article also said that the main focus of the US Military will be switched from the middle-east to the far east. Is this the beginning of drawing away from Israel?

North Korea’s new ‘Dear Leader’ is only about 27 years old and is both a military and political neophyte. North Korea is a nuclear power and, like all communist states, is psychotically paranoid. They have the second biggest army in the world while half the population of the country is half starved. They don’t have the technology that sparked the Arab Spring so most of the population is still completely brain-washed. We can hope and pray that the young Kim Jong-un becomes a reformer and opens the country up to reality. If not, anything can happen there. He may want to establish himself as a great military and/or political leader, and this could be very dangerous.

The Arab Spring has managed to get rid of a few dreadful dictators. One can’t feel sorry for them, however, it is yet to be seen what they will be replaced with. While elections are promised and are being held, they will mostly be won by Muslims. The Muslim Brotherhood is winning the elections in Egypt; hopefully they will win a majority because if they don’t the extreme Salafists may get the balance of power. They want strict Sharia law in place, and may well get it. Muslims will continue to abuse women and children throughout Asia and the Middle East. Stories of horrific abuse will become even more numerous than they have been in 2011. Moderate Muslims will continue to do nothing about it, as will the rest of the world.

All in all, the world will be a dangerous place in 2012. There will be wars and rumours of wars. There will be uprising and riots in streets that have never seen riots before. There will be difficult times ahead, especially for those who are heavily indebted. Apostasy will continue to be the predominant factor in the Christian Church as the ‘fear of God’ virtually disappears from the earth just when it should be rising. Will the Great Tribulation begin before the end of 2012? Probably not, but it is certainly possible.